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Australia is an amazing country with a unique culture, stunning landscapes, and plenty of interesting facts. From the iconic animals to the fascinating history and culture, Australia is home to a wealth of knowledge. Australia is a highly developed, stable democracy with a federal-state system.Australia is also a secular country, meaning that there is no official religion. Each capital city has places of worship for religions from around the world. 

Australian universities are a blend of academic and teaching excellence, a melting pot for various cultures, and groundbreaking research opportunities. Universities in Australia are so distributed that there is at least one main campus of a university in each state territory. The Australian University's location map suggests that there are university campuses across all major Australian locations. Multiple campuses of many universities in different locations are also an advantage for an international student who can choose where they want to live in Australia. The Australian university system consists of public as well as private universities, and out of the 42 universities in the country, 38 are public universities. Australian universities offer a lot of programs to study after graduation. Some of the popular courses offered by the universities in Australia are as follows: Business and Management, Architecture & Arts, Information Technology, Health and Science and Hospitality.